Notes from Open Worship

During Open Worship today (that Quaker thing where you sit in silence and listen to God), an image came, for the first time in a long time. It was an airport, with a series of low buildings, like out of an Old Western, and beyond, a great plain of igneous rock. The rocky plain was clearer than the buildings. And I felt with great strength, that I would go there.

On a hunch, I looked up a couple pictures. This is how the place looked that I saw in the vision. Its the airport of Hadibu, in Suqutra.


drh said…
That’s kind of cool. Anything else you can share?
Omar said…
The one and ony Soqotra!
Omar said…
Soqotra, like most of Yemen, is amazing. But few do visit it. And even much fewer are that lucky and do get the chance to be in and see Soqotra.
@bdul muHib said…

Yes, actually- see my previous post.
mum said…

PS: In some ways, Silence is like some Yoga practices...if we could sit still enuf to concentrate on just our breathing, no expectation other than that, and let our thoughts pass before us, neither owning nor justifying them..

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