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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Cruisin with the T Bird

Well, I did it. I took the plunge, and bought a car. T Bird sounds pretty fly- a lot more than how the 95 LX looks. It sounds like a muscle car too- with a cold. But it was only $800, and I got a great deal from Geico. (Good rates, even if their TV show is awful.) I've come to realize I no longer live in a city where I can cross the entire city for only $5. And for dating, it doesn't matter how egalitarian I might be, or the modern world has become- it's harder for a guy to be carless than it is for a woman. A crappy car can say the guy's into simplicity- but he needs a car. She needs to know that, if she's in need, he can be there. And Flexcar just doesn't say that.

So I used Craigslist for the first time, and got this Thunderbird- my first American car. And while American is not a natural fit for me (I'd rather contribute to the debt America owes the rest of the world for living off it's back), it does open a whole new world for me. Suddenly the American dream of freedom is open to me again. I can decide on a whim to go anywhere in the city, any night- without checking the bus schedule, getting the wrong information, and waiting an hour at bus stops. Any weekend I can take that trip to the Scablands I've been wanting to, and see the remains of what is perhaps the largest flood in historical times. But most of all, I can drive people around. When you don't have a car, or a reasonable home, you can't have people over, or have them use your car. And tonight - Tonight, I received the opportunity to drive a friend home. That's what having a car is all about.


Sara said...

Mabruk il sayyara jdidti!

Anonymous said...

Yea! Americar man! See you on the open road!
--trucker mom