A Strange and Alien World

A few days ago Northwest Cable News had a special on a new form of exercise. Using Latin rhythms, Zumba involves aerobic exercise that's actually dance for the entire hour. You burn about 800 calories, and have fun at the same time.

So I looked up online to find the closest location. Since women are very into Zumba as a safe place to exercise, I asked first to make sure that it would be appropriate for me to attend, and not uncomfortable for the women participating. I was the only guy in the room.

It was intense. Lots of exercise and sweat. The music was fun. Mostly I had no clue what I was doing. There are just all these ways that women naturally learn how to dance, ways to move their bodies, that I really have no clue on how to do. I can't even really describe what those ways are- but even in today's egalitarian world, dance remains the place where gender is most defined. And I just never learned how to dance the woman's part. Part of it is definitely the hips. I don't know how to move my hips. Or how to belly dance, which was also part of the exercise regime. I just kind of faked it. Of course, the most difficult part of all is when our instructor told us to work on "the girls", pointing down towards our chests. We did those standing bench presses into the air that you often see in women's dance moves, while the teacher told us to make sure to do it right. "Lift them up, then down." I don't begin to know how to do that. Or even how to fake it.


Anonymous said…

Happy valentine, boogie away,

Love, mom
Lauren said…
My question is...have you been back to Zumba class?? I've been thinking about trying it, but haven't gotten brave enough yet.

I have become quite the "yogi," though!

I sent you an e-mail about a 10 days ago...did you get it? I'm not sure I have your current e-mail address.
@bdul muHib said…
Lauren! Hello! I've missed you! Since your blog disappeared and your email didn't work, I haven't heard from you! I hope you clicked on comment notification to get this message. No, I didn't get the email from you. I'm on comcast now, since October, and my yahoo address still works. Both of them have my name in Morocco as the account, in English spelling.

As far as the topic- hey- if I went, that was way more braver for a guy! You have to be totally shamed into going now! ;-)

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