The Presence of God From a Bike

New Glarus has a very level extended bike trail, relatively cheap to bike on, and very long, extending miles in each direction. I traveled out to nearby Monticello today, six miles away, and enjoyed the beauty around me. There are long stretches of straight sun-filled fields, intersperses with over-arching canopy. With no people or buildings or roads around, one comes across a bridge disappearing above the bike path. Near Monticello are marshlands of pussy willows, and willow trees overhanging the creeks, with what I imagine the South looks like. It is a place of peace.

Until I neared completion, and discovered a wicked crick in my neck, necessitating getting the bike repair shop to lengthen the main handlebars of my bike.


Aimee said…
Wow, a bike path, drive-in movie place, put-put golf, and coupons for newcomers! This town sounds close to heaven. =)
@bdul muHib said…
Well, to be fair, the drive-in is thirty minutes away to the South, normally. Now they've got the bridge closed for the next month, so it's this complicated detour that adds another 15 minutes, to the W, S, and E, rather than just straight South.

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