Always ethereal, always eclectic, I write as the mood strikes, when there intrigue reveals itself. Usually that means something controversial or adventure of some sort.

I've tried really hard to be unprovocative, but have as yet been unsuccessful.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


I am the hollow man
Who dreams dreams too big.
I am the hollow man
Finding hope when despair should be.
I am the hollow man
Blindly pursuing irreverent futures.
I am the holy man
Set apart for khawram.
I am the hollow man.

Still I rise from Sheol
Filled with the waters of Marah.
I have become Diogenes
Searching for a companion.
I have become Shiva
bringing despair where hope would be.
For love also is unyielding as the grave.

I am Sheol.
I am the barren woman.
I am the parched Earth.
I am the consuming fire.
And I shall give to the leach,
until finally,
he too,
is satisfied.


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