Serendipity in Minnesota

I know that many are like me, and have viewed Aimee's blog and just assumed that she's given up on the Truth Testimony, and is just making it up as she goes along. Like they've got a new house and are remodeling it, and bought a bunch of chickens that they're raising from the egg! So for all of those in doubt, I went to Minneapolis to obtain true unbiased pictorial evidence of Airemy's lives. The journey started auspiciously enough, with the roar of rockets. But rockets don't always land where one expects.

I had a four day grueling conference, from eight in the morning until six at night- without even a lunch break! I had little time to think or contemplate anything in those four days. I was on the same street, just a few minutes away, from Christians for Biblical Equality, that center of focus on emancipation of women for equality in the family and the Church. I have admired and followed their work for years, but was unfortunately unable to visit there during the times they are open.
Jeremy and Aimee were also living just a few minutes from where I was staying, and I was able to visit their cute (and very real) house, in the process of extensive remodeling that will surely greatly increase it's aesthetic value. It looks like it would fit right in with the old prairies. I had a wonderful dinner catching up with them (though of course any dinner is better with wine), and got to visit their pets in the back. They are named Squwak, Cheep, Chirp, and the other sister, Chirp. (I made those names up.)

Aimee has also worked on a beautiful Rain Garden, which in case you are unfamiliar with the term as I was, is a place where water collects to feed the plants and provide a home for the mosquitoes. Here they are standing in it.

But the most amazing part of my journey was all of the random people I ran into in the Twin Cities. I knew I would be seeing Scott and Kimberly, and hoped to meet up with Airemy. But I was not at all suspecting that I would be able to turn around and see I was sitting at a table next to Raja from North Africa, and be able to have dinner with Lillis, also from Africa, and her roommates- but when I looked up, there was Lillis, at the Lemon Water Stand! Perhaps most mysteriously, as I sat down for dinner, based on my first name and unique upbringing, one of Lillis' roommates deduced that we had been housemates at a conference in Chicago, fully ten years prior! Truly, Minneapolis is the Nexus of the Universe.


Aimee said…
Aw, look at our cute little house and our cute little chickens. =) We're glad you could visit Jedidiah, and are very curious about what you wrote in our guestbook. =)
@bdul muHib said…
Thanks! Yeah, I wondered if I'd get out the door before you realized what I'd done! ;-) Unfortunately, I don't remember- you'll have to learn the language and duplicate it back to me first! (But it was all good things!)

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