It's strange to think that, for the first time in my life, there have been bombings at the exact location that I've been to. Stranger still that when it occurs, I'm 5,000 miles away, and can do nothing about it.

There have been a series of suicide bombings in Casablanca- a couple today, some a few days ago, and one last month. Thankfully lives lost have been minimal- it looks like only one person killed besides the bombers themselves. Today's were in front of the consulate, where I renewed my passport, and the American Language Center, where I often bought book gifts, as it was the only English language bookstore in the city.

Dear God, please stop the bombings now. Heal anyone injured; keep anyone else from losing their lives. Protect those I know over there, that they might not be harmed simply because of their nationality or the actions of their government. Bon Courage to them, and let them be a witness in this. Guide the police, and let the bombers know justice. Let this happen without any more violence, on both sides. I know that they will do whatever your power and will has decided beforehand should happen. Comfort the families of the dead bombers and the families of those they killed. Let those involved in the conspiracy know glory, and joy, and love. Whatever their grievances that sparked this, for those that are based in reality, let them also know justice, and let the Powers change when they are not acting in accord with your higher will. Let the nations that have power seek after justice and morality in their dealings with all other Peoples. Help the would-be bombers know the beauty of peace, and see their errors, and be filled with the knowledge of your great care for each of them. Let them be filled right now with love for those they sought to harm. May your Name be glorified, even through this.


quaintance said…
Scary. Glad you are no longer there.

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