How to Negotiate

Since the previous job opportunity didn't quite work out (some weird ethical conflict or something), I accepted another today, as an Executive Admin at United Way. I'm excited about this, as one of my desires is to work on an issue that I care about, to be part of something that is working to care for the poor and make the world better. I'll be working for a VP and two directors. After prayer and discussion, I felt like this was the right direction- it will also give me some stability over the next year and a better base to formulate plans and future from. My workspace is rather large- about the same size as where I live.

I went into the salary negotiations feeling pretty confident. I'm Moroccan, after all. I know how to bargain. When he asked me how much I made last year, I told him, "174,331 dirhams." That didn't help much, so he asked me how much I thought I should get for salary. I told him an amount 6% higher than what I wanted, and 13% higher than I was willing to accept. He told me he wanted to be fair with me, and so offered me an amount 4% higher than my initial figure! So much for my bargaining skills. And very impressive with the honesty and integrity of United Way.

I of course told him that was too much, so he offered me 17% lower than my initial offer, and I found this infinitely more acceptable.


quaintance said…
This is a great post! First off, YAY FOR YOU! This looks totally promising to me, completely fitting with your passion for people and desire to do well for society & justice. God can really use you there. Second, the stuff about the bargaining is hilarious! You and he both come off good humoured.

I'll keep my eyes open for a good cube gift for you :)
See, after a dry spell, when things happen, I just keep pouring one post out after another!

Thank you :-)

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