My dad nominated for an Emmy!

Okay, not exactly. But nearly as exciting. That film made into a TV special which I mentioned earlier, on the life of Lonnie Frisbee, which my dad narrated, has now been nominated for the Northern California News and Program Specialty Emmy! It's up against four other locally produced specials (How Men are Made, something about a bridge, something about soundmen, and The Story of America's Seafaring Women), and there's a good chance for Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher to win. Award night is May 12th.

I wonder if this means my dad gets to dress up in a suit and go to a big hall to watch the awards given out.


Jon Trott said…
Is "The Bridge" the movie about suicides off the Golden Gate Bridge? If so, "Frisbee" is going to have a rough go... the former is fairly brilliant, though also quite controversial (the film-makers lied to the Golden Gate people about what they were doing).

@bdul muHib said…
Perhaps it was. I thought it was about building bridges. That might explain why that one won a couple weeks ago.

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