A New Direction

I know this may come as a surprise to some, but I've found it difficult to find regular work in this area, and I know that this will provide me with a steady paying job. I've therefore gone ahead and enlisted.

The local Navy recruiter informed me of a few items. Firstly, with my extra education, I will go in as an officer. This means a higher pay scale as well as more responsibility. It will be nice to use some of what I've learned. There may even be a possibility of interacting regularly with dolphins! I'm excited about this as I've long wanted to work with them. The recruiter also assured me that I definitely wouldn't be sent to Iraq, so I need to have no qualms about that. I was initially a little trepidatious about this as it wasn't in writing, but after talking with him for a long time, I feel confident in his honesty, and his commitment in getting the assurance in the mail to me in the next few weeks.

However, though it wouldn't be in Iraq, I will be also able to use my talents in Arabic language and culture. This is just amazing- a place where I will be paid to express my interests in the ocean and Arabs, both at the same time! I'm not sure how all that will work, but I'll be informed of this when I show up for training in a month.

I know this might seem a bit divergent from past beliefs, but I've really been feeling God's blessing on this country of late, and the need to support and defend it as God's land. There are few places on Earth as obviously endowed as America, in natural resources and the goodness of it's people. I know we are taught in the Bible to love our enemies, but I think there are ways we can do so even in the midst of war. One primary way is trying to reduce the amount of violence directed at them to the lowest levels possible, by encouraging them to not be violent. In this way we can love the enemy, whoever it is, by reducing the number of causalities on both sides. I want to be part of that, in whatever way I can.

I am impressed at how God works together our gifts and desires in ways we totally don't expect. I have now about a month to get my affairs in order, say my goodbyes, and get some health check-ups before I report.


Lauren said…
Happy April Fool's Day...
quaintance said…
My first thought was: Is he _insane_? Have things gotten that bad? Then I thought: Hmm, the Navy guys I know are alright... he might survive. Then I thought: would he pass medical?
@bdul muHib said…
Hey! That was mean!

drh said…
Stroke of genius, if you ask me.
Bequita17 said…
You did something very unexpected - and that coming from you is quite expected.

Are you really taking Salsa? David & I are taking a salsa class on wednesday nights at a studio in Oasis.
Yes- see my post here. That's great you and David are doing it too! Which kind are you learning? I'm told there are three, and we're learning LA-Style.

It's more fun I'd imagine doing it with someone else; I have less incentive to go to clubs as I don't know anyone else doing it. I'm in the 2nd series of 5 classes each- there are 3 beginner series, and then at least two intermediate. I probably won't go beyond the intermediate- I want to be able to enjoy myself at clubs, not become an professional Salsa...ist.

What moves have you learned lately? We've just been working on this deal of making a window for the woman's face, putting the hand over her head, and sliding down the arm.

For many of the women it is hard to give up control during salsa, to let the man lead. I'm finding it's quite difficult to take control, as I'd much prefer the woman was more involved. No egalitarianism in salsa! There's a lot more for the man to know and get in salsa than the woman.
quaintance said…
Letting the man lead is hard in any form of dance. Some of them are clueless, some of them have their timing off... Sometimes its just hard for the woman to go with the momentum and wait for the tension that requires her to change her direction instead of doing what she *thinks* should happen next. Men must lead, but women must work on being good partners. Keeping her frame so she's always open to subtle communication. Listening well so that she's following what he suggests, and not what he doesn't. Letting him know what's working and what's not without destroying the fun of the moment. Talking to her fellow dancers to learn how to improve where she's having trouble. Style. Flair. Passion. Heat. A lady loves a strong, confident but understanding lead, or, at least, I do. Yummy!

Welcome to the world of dance as dating metaphor :) I'm glad you are dancing. these posts helped me remember what I'm missing!

BTW, if you really want the woman to take control, try looking for single sex/reverse lead clubs. Unfortunately, this won't help you meet the goal of locating a dancing woman you'd actaully want to date (though I'm sure you'd get other interest...) Reverse leading, however, can help you understand better what your partner needs you to to as a lead, and what she might be hearing as the follow. If you reach intermediate level in salsa, it might not be a bad idea to ask a competent female to switch lead with you. In swing, there are often women learning lead because then they never have to sit out a dance. Oh, and try asking your classmates out to salsa clubs with you. Or, try posting on seattlelinkup.com :)
Definitely many of us are clueless. And I think the hardest part is getting the timing right. 1,2,3(4)5,6,7(8)...
It seems like many females in our class struggle with not taking the natural charge of their body that comes with 21st century emancipation. Many of the men may struggle with the opposite, but I couldn't even pick out the men from a crowd, as I never dance with them, so I just have to speak for myself. The women definitely enjoy dancing with the more experienced guys on our salsa nights out, and understandably. They can advance much further much quicker by just being willing to be lead; they hardly have to know all the moves.

Definitely a lot of flair and passion in salsa.

Yeah baby, I'm all about what you're missing.


Yeah, I don't know if a single sex club would be the best for me...on so many levels...principly because learning to follow would really screw me up as I'm trying to learn to lead.
Mary said…
hey! you're going to be a marine!? although completely a shock, it makes sense! cool and good for you- totally outside of YOU.

i'm impressed my friend--- what kind of dangers might you be involved in though?
um, see the first thought, posted by Lauren...
drh said…
If Marine biology doesn't work out - and I've said this before - there's always Air Force biology.
Wow. Who would have thought this post would generate my most comments ever?
quaintance said…
Never let it be doubted that you readership :) Oh, and Naval Reserves? For the most part it seems you'd helo with drug busts along the Pacific coast.

According to some quizmeme-y thing, you also TP'ed my hair for April Fools. How dare you, after the nice things you had to say!

Happy Cheese Weasel Day! When the Cheese Weasel visited the science department today, he left behind FSM brochures instead of slices of the finest Kraft American Cheese. Less rotty, thankfully. If it weren't for grades, I wouldn't have uncovered mine for a while.
Mike said…
Your name must be Larry, because you're killing me!

Oh yeah, I'm also supposed to call you back. Dang, I'll have to remember that when I'm home.
Larry? The Lobster?

I feel so out of it culturally...
Resilient Hawk said…
"I am impressed at how God works together our gifts and desires in ways we totally don't expect."


Drop me an e-mail. I tried yours and it came back.


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