What is terrorism?

A couple days ago there was a series of suicide bombings in Casablanca, where I used to live. American institutions targeted, but very few people hurt- and warnings went out to American friends of mine to be very afraid and vigilent. Then this happens in Virginia- Americans targeted, by a guy who grew up in America. (For all the talk of him being South Korean, nearly his whole life was spent here.) Oklahoma City was terrorism, and it was done by an American. What happened in Morocco was also clearly terrorism. Why isn't what happened in Virginia? All were intended to instill terror. Does it need to be political? Cho Seung-hui was protesting against the materialism of our society. So were the 9/11 bombers. Is it because Cho was clearly rambling and incoherent? So are many of the manifestos of al Qa'ida. Why are there no warnings going out for us to be hyper-vigilent here, to beware of college students with guns?

Because we have grown complacent. We are used to death in our streets, and for all the violence that might occur against Americans overseas, it's far more likely for an American to be killed in the streets of his own country, by another American. But had Cho Seung-hui's name been Abdul Sanah bin Mohammed, there would have been no other talk on the news today but of terrorism. And no one would have believed he wasn't linked to many others in a large cell.


quaintance said…
Actually, I think a lot of it has to do with how we deal with mental illness of adults in America.
I agree. But our response to what happened is intimately tied to the way we treat different minorities and terrorism.

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