Another Blog Year

A blogyear is an ancient tradition, wherein you contemplate the past year of your blog, and highlight the significant events that have been reported- or at least, the events that can be reported in such a public forum. It begins on the first day of the true first posting of the blog, and continues for one calendar year after that.

This has not been as exciting or as uplifting a year as past years, particularly considering the example of the previous blogyear. I enjoyed my regular volunteering at the aquarium, and then shortly after I began a good friend that I grew up with died in a car accident.

Later I learned the IRS had sent a notice a year earlier to the wrong address, neglected to contact me at the address they had subsequently, lost my paperwork, and had decided that I needed to pay them taxes while working overseas, contrary to the US Tax Code. Unfortunately, as of yet, that particular issue is still unresolved- the IRS is still thinking, and has still not answered any questions as to how all that happened or why they intitially placed me under this designation. I covet your prayers that this $1,700 bill would be justly resolved.

I suppose it's illuminating what we find most significant in our lives, on looking back over a year. Each of us would proabably note different items as more significant, in retrospect. For me, I must also add my first eperience blacking out. (I am hoping it would be my last.)

But not all is down these days. For thirty minutes ago, I discovered this outside my window! True, it's down as well, but in a good way.


mom said…
Wow! I just pressed on yr snow blog...and it SNOWED! How'd u do that?
mom said…
I keep going to this spot, and no new blogs. Maybe you're tired of this blogging thing. I keep hoping for more videos of something--what, only your brillant mind could,
@bdul muHib said…
Thank you for checking :-) Nothing's happened since I posted; I'm waiting for a cross-posting from another website before I post the next item I have in mind.

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