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Monday, 24 March 2008

An Evolving Creation

I've seen few things in my life more beautiful. But imagine now, the beauty of the process that was able to form this, and how intelligent you had to be to come up with this process.

Key caveat: the video substantially reduces background noise and high randomness of molecules within the cell for the purposes of clearer pedagogy, creating a greater appearance of design than is actually present.


Omar said...

' intelligent you had to be to come up with this process'. Well, many still do not grasp or get to be awed by Creation. Most people, it seems, are too busy running around and focusing on daily interests and quirks to even notice such.

Each day, if one has the time, all around us - is the Beauty of Creation. Not by Man. But by the ONE.

mom said...

Larry and I just watched it. Yikes.