Healing and Illness

I would ask for prayer, for my dad, and his wife Susan. Susan has had great health problems over the past two years, and a few days ago they dramatically increased. She went to the hospital with heart problems, and they determined there was an inflamed appendix that had infected her entire body. Her mental abilities were severely impaired, and they soon discovered she had sepsis, which has a 27% fatality rate. Then she had pneumonia- the bad kind. And then all her organs started failing.

Now the doctors are recommending that they take her off the machines, and initiate involuntary passive euthanasia. (She never wanted to be on machines, but isn't cognitive without a great deal of pain.) The doctors think there is the possibility of a Hail Mary operation that might heal Susan, but they think she may be too far gone for it too work. My dad has to make some hard decisions. He is overcome with grief and responsibility of these decisions. Please pray for comfort for him, and miraculous healing for Susan.


mom said…
Thank you for the reminder. I am praying for your dad.

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