The Albatross is Gone!

I'm free. And truly my soul does jump for joy. You wouldn't think it, but there is a great weight lifted off me, to sell that car... I got so tired of all the problems with it, and being worried that the brakes would fail. Well, I sold the car for 55% of what I paid 5 months ago, being honest about the problems. And one would think I'd feel kind of shut-in, depressed, at the lack of a car. Instead, I feel a great sense of freedom. No longer tied into gas at $3.45/gallon, 16 mpg, insurance, repairs- it all tied me down when I couldn't afford it. It would have been different had I a car that I could depend on to get me to jobs, but that wasn't possible, after the seller lied about it's condition. So though I previously felt shut-in without a car, I now find freedom without that burden.

A 19-year old kid, Derrik, bought it from me. Pray for him. Though it hadn't happened while I had the car, he texted me on his way home to say the car stalled though it was full of gas, and evidently started shaking hard on the road to Issiquah. As for me, though I'm sad to lose the bumper stickers, praise God, I now have money for the rent.

A new adventure begins. Savvy readers will see some posts missing. I've moved all my political posts to my new blog, Say it with me. President Obama. Political musings will be there; personal political experiences, like caucusing for Obama, wil be cross-posted in both blogs.


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