Mothers, Musicals, and Motorhomes

These last few years have been quite the pursuit of the theatrical in my family. A year and a half ago my dad narrated the Lonnie Frisbee story on PBS and for the DVD, and is now working on a similar project on the great Larry Norman, now in Sheol. My sister stars in an art film, due to come out this June. Even my brother managed to get some screen time on Versus, running the triathlon. And there is my own small contribution to the theatre, whose success was due more to the quality of my students' performances and the other teachers.

Now my mom, Susan Cowper, has also received some long-deserved props. For years she has been working in costuming for various productions, beginning as a support for my sister's burgeoning singing career in high-school. The latest edition of the Ashland Daily Tidings Revels had a positive write-up of the "The Great American Trailer Park Musical", mentioning my mom's responsibility for the costuming, with even a photo of her on the front cover. As with all of her productions, she's put a lot of work into this, and it's high time she got recognized. Showings are through April in Ashland and then in Redding, California, in May.


love, mom said…
Thanks, Jed! Your pride in me means so much to me.

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