The Change of Season

Outside the front door.The air is the harbinger of change. Leaves lose their chlorophyll, and the air gets colder. And colder. And colder.

Two weeks ago, we lost our propane. Happily, just a few days before we'd arranged with Landmark to deliver propane. Our 30-gallon tank on our RV doesn't detach, and the RV can't move at this point, so I had to do a lot of research to find a company that would come out and deliver propane to an RV tank. We just had to wait for a contract to arrive in the mail, and send it in, which I did on Friday. Unhappily, we found out today that Landmark's policy is that they won't deliver to an RV, as the tank is too small, though all of this was agreed to earlier. They suggested that the solution might be for them to deliver a 100 lb. tank and attach it to our tank for $65, and fill that tank up for around $250. This brings up the possibility that we might bypass Landmark, buy a $75 attachment, and just get regular butagas propane tanks from the corner store every couple weeks. These are the options to pursue, once we have available funds (and we hear on a price from Landmark on their proposal.) Unfortunately, we were relying on the word of Landmark over the last two weeks, and so didn't pursue other options, but waited for the contract to process. Nothing has therefore been started with another company, if such exists, to deliver propane.

And it's been an unfortunate couple weeks. Some nights are in the 60s, and they are quite tolerable. The nights in the 40s, with one overheating electric space heater, are a different matter. As are the mornings, with a very cold shower. So this is my shout out of thanks to Aimee, for the donation of her 1.5 liter hot-water heater. It has been indispensable, as I fill it up every morning six times, pouring water into the half-bathtub for an hour to prepare for my bath.


mom said…
ahhh...while the trees turn brilliant, so does the night turn awfully bitter cold...and do I remember that lakeside house, the propane deliveries that never made it, the frigid upstairs, us all under coats...
mom said…
is that your RV, under the plastic, in the photo?

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