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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Set Free

Today, my cellphone stopped working. And I immediately praised God, maker of Heaven and Earth.

For two years, I have endured them. Hours spent on hold for customer service- hours on one call. Constant dropped calls, with occasional reimbursement. A gamble on if I would have reception in major American cities. And today, freedom. So many times, I had asked to be released from my contract. I simply wanted a cellphone that worked. I wanted to be able to call people, to receive calls, and be able to stay on calls. I wanted to be able to hear people when they talked. And so many times I was told that I had to simply endure bad service, because of the American two-year contract system. But yesterday, yesterday was the last day of my contract. Today, today I woke up, and the phone didn't work anymore. I am now free of the shackle of Sprint.

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Omar Poppenlander said...

Cell phones are the spawn of Satan, the "Prince of the Power of the Air."

That is why I don't have one.