How to Navigate This Blog

Blogger tells me that most people pay no attention to the sidebars on blogs. We can't have that! My sidebar is too utterly sweet! So here's what I've got goin on.

Firstly, remember this blog only makes full sense in Explorer, not Mozilla Firefox.

I usually have about ten posts on the front page. To look at a full post, type on the title or the link below the post. Below the post you can make comments, and also see what the predominant themes of the post are in the labels- since I recognize my diverse audience may understandably not enjoy every subject I post on. Clicking on a label will bring you all the articles I've written around that subject.

There are two sidebars on the right, a blue one above the green one. At the top of the blue one is information about me, in My Profile, followed by a new feature, Followers. You like this blog? Want to keep up to date on it more easily? Click on Follow This Blog. Currently I have two Followers, one I know, and one I don't.

Another way to follow a blog, one I really like, is through Bloglines. You get an alert every time one of your blogs posts, so you don't have to visit the blog every day. You can choose to follow posts and/or comments to this blog.

Are you in a different country, and have trouble reading English? I've got 12 other language options, including Arabic! (Of course, if you don't read English, then the previous sentence won't make much sense.)

The Blog Archive gives a list of all posts in the last three years, by date, and the present month, by title.

Below this are two pictures, changed regularly. The top one is my most recent Amazon review, with a link to that review. The bottom one is the book I'm presently reading, which should be reviewed soon.

Then we have a list of the ten most recent thoughts- comments- on my blog, regardless of post. This is followed by the last five postings on my other blog, Say it with me. President Obama. Again, recognizing that not all my readers share my peculiar political inclinations, I set up my devotionals to Obama up in a separate blog. But I still want you to read it :-)

Then there is the Green Sidebar, which most people don't see unless they're reading a long post. You can see what blogs are linking to this in the first link. Then there are a number of links that I enjoy.

I've divided the blogs I follow into five categories. The first one, and growing, is the Domestic Blogging, arranged in order of most recent post by blogs of friends of mine, who might be you, or someone you know. The titles and possibly pictures of the most recent posts are listed there too. Below that is the shrinking category of International Blogs from friends of mine.

Then I have Blogs of Change- those blogs devoted to changing the world. Most of them are not personal friends, but I think they are key advocates for making all things new. Following are three science-devoted blogs. And lastly, Blogs from Sheol, for those bloggers who have now departed. Currently, only the martyr, Tom Fox, is listed here.

Way down at the bottom, where few have dared venture before, I have other (non-blog) links of note. A link to all my Amazon reviews. Geocities pages on how the commune I grew up in is an anthropological type, the Apostle Junia in the Bible, and Nina, the first great female evangelist in the Church. The last link isn't mine, but to Counterbalance, run by Adrian, which looks at the emerging dynamic between religion and science. Heartedly recommended.

Ever wonder who visits these blogs? Sure, I've got a list of the numbers, but far more interesting is where the people are. That's the map at the bottom of the sidebar, which expands when you click on it. Click on Map With Smaller Clusters, and you get more precise locations. Of interest, shortly after a couple Chinese readers showed up, the Chinese government blocked my blog. Sorry, my loyal Antarctica readers- you still aren't listed.


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