Kirk the Mechanic

You may have heard of Joe the Plumber. Meet Kirk the Mechanic. Like Joe, he's not actually a mechanic, but rather by profession an Arborist. Unlike Joe, his name is actually Kirk, and he's licensed in his real profession.

I have no idea who Kirk is voting for, though I'm sure he, like Joe, he also will be more assisted by Obama's tax plan than McCain's. I do know that Kirk has been the hand of God for us. Our car's alternator was no longer working, for the past few weeks. On Sunday Mike Drehfal had generously driven us to church and back when the car wasn't working, and given us a new alternator. (It turns out the car junk yard was wrong- there is only one alternator needed for this car.) My dad had run into Kirk at Damascus Road, and we drove out to Kirk's place tonight, and in a couple hours, Kirk was able to replace the alternator. He's had some 25 years experience in fixing cars, and was able to get down underneath the car and find the bolts connecting the alternator to the car. (Saturn makes it ridiculously difficult to replace the alternator.)

Driving back, it was a wondrous feeling, to not worry about the car stalling, having to quickly pull over to the side of the freeway, or wondering where we could plug a trickle charger in. We no longer had to be concerned about finding the money for another AAA tow. We could turn on the heater fan, the radio, and the lights. It was like driving a 21st century car!

So here's a shout out of thanks to Kirk the Mechanic, doing great work, and changing lives. That's change we can believe in- sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we cannot see.


tp said…
the true price of a reliable car!

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