Prayer for Shibam

Near the beginning of this blog, I reported on my trip to Shibam Hadremowt, the Manhatten of the Desert, with 1,000-year-old skyscrapers made of mud. Sadly, I have just learned that Cyclone TC-03B has substantially decreased in strength after hovering over Suqutra, but has devastated Hadremowt. Shibam is completely surrounded by water, and most of the ancient buildings are in danger of collapse. At least 200 are now dead, farmlands are flooded, and most villages in the giant valley are isolated. Over 700 homes have been destroyed and 22,000 people displaced. Yemen has declared the region a disaster area. The island of Suqutra is also hard hit, with homes and infrastructure destroyed. See silent video of the devastation here.

This is the poorest Arab nation in the world, and most of those living in Hadremowt are living day to day, wondering where the food will come from to feed their family tomorrow, and this on a good day. Disaster like this is excruciating for the poorest of the poor. Please consider if you are called to donate money for relief. Please also be praying for healing for those hurt, for food for the hungry, repair of homes and homes for the homeless, and comfort for the grieving. Please pray that rescue crews will be able to reach those in danger in time, that repairs will happen speedily, and that God will turn this into blessing, with rains reaching a parched Earth.


Anonymous said…
I will pray. Pray also for us; Larry is closing down his business. We are hoping to survive this economic collapse.
Anonymous said…
There is a team forming to be in Yemen next summer. Would you return or, despite my 'no fear' mentality, have words of caution for me based on the recent bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Sana'a? My heart breaks for these the most lost and disenfranchised (that I know of).
@bdul muHib said…
I don't know who this is, but I would definitely return; that's where I want to go. I've only visited for two weeks.

I would have no words of caution, as I think that, even there, you're far more likely to be hurt and killed in New York City, LA, Detroit, or even Seattle or San Francisco, than you are in Sana'a. There is always risk, whereever you go. But I would counsel you, and anyone, to not go over to a foreign country, especially Yemen, all gun-ho for America. For me, I have no patriotism. For those who do, don't bring it up. In another country, we're the guest, and we should find everything in that country we can support and love, and speak a lot about that- both for our health, and because it is the honorable and loving thing to do.

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